The 1.5 Million Credit Academy

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The 1.5 Million Credit Academy

Post  Prometheus on Thu Oct 13, 2011 1:45 pm

Federal Force needs you!

You've been asked to visit this page because a member of Federal Force suggested you for membership in Federal Force and participation in our 1.5 million Academy. This is a program where, upon completion of certain goals, you'll be rewarded with 1,500,000 credits, granted Senior membership in Federal Force, and permitted to construct buildings with partial alliance funding.

Goals of the Academy:
Achieve the Federation rank of Major
Earn 100,000 XP
Reach the skill level of X-993 Squads
Experience an ambush trigger
Pass the 'Trading Exam'

About our alliance...
We are a staunchly pro-Federation alliance which resides primarily in the Federation Human Core. Federal Force operates and controls Alpha Centauri, Ericon, XH 3819, and Orerve. We continuously strive to provide our members the best trade routes, lowest ship and equipment prices, and most current skilling and ranking advice.

Our alliance is made up of active and participating pilots. Unlike many larger alliances, we do not allow inactive or non-cooperative members to remain in the alliance. We encourage our members to pursue lofty career goals with utmost efficiency. Individual progress is alliance progress.

Federal Force follows a militaristic command structure with special branches for economic development and recruiting operations. Senior Members (those who have achieved Academy goals) are encouraged to participate in alliance decisions and have significant influence over them.

You are invited to join us and our efforts to glorify the Federation. Thank you for taking the time to read about our alliance and our Academy program.

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